Mexico City, 25 October 2023 – Castrol, a global leader in lubricants, will present its refreshed brand identity in Mexico, at the Mexico City Grand Prix to be held from October 27 to 29 in Mexico City. The brand refresh is aimed at better reflecting Castrol’s unique positioning in the market and the opportunities it sees in meeting the changing needs of customers.



Castrol’s new brand identity will feature on the livery of the BWT Alpine F1 Team race cars at this weekend’s race in Mexico City. The Alpine F1 teammates will also don a new team jersey that’s specially designed to pay tribute to the culture and history of Mexico. The jersey will also feature Castrol’s new logo on the front.



The refreshed brand identity is the result of a comprehensive brand strategy process, which included extensive research, analysis and input from stakeholders and customers. The updated Castrol logo features a more modern, dynamic, and vibrant design, with a focus on the brand’s core strengths and differentiators as Castrol aims to broaden appeal with a more diverse customer base in lubricants, services, and solutions. It maintains Castrol’s iconic red, green, and white colours, which are strongly associated with the brand and is set to improve brand memorability digitally.



David Gendry, VP, Alpine Sponsoring, Partnerships and Communications: “BWT Alpine F1 Team and Castrol have partnered with each other since 2017. This partnership is inspired by our pursuit of excellence in motorsport. Castrol’s bespoke ultra-low viscosity lubricants play a crucial role in operating our Formula 1 cars at the highest level. Castrol is also Renault Group’s preferred partner for aftersales global service fill, with a range of jointly branded products available through the global Renault dealership network.”



Nicola Buck, Chief Marketing Officer, Castrol: “We are excited to launch our refreshed brand in Mexico, where we have a local presence of more than 50 years. Our refreshed brand identity reflects our commitment to investing in the future and creating new opportunities for growth and success.” She added: “The worlds of mobility and industry are facing faster-than-ever changes as the world transforms and aims for net zero, and customers want more sustainable solutions. Change is vital for Castrol to thrive. We’re signaling to the world that we are set for the future.”